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A unique perspective on quality checks

For people with a learning disability, autism, or both, accessing high-quality care is of the utmost importance. It’s the difference between feeling isolated and living the life they choose.

When collecting feedback from people we support, we look for common themes. One of the overwhelming responses was that they wanted people like them, with experience of support, to be the people who check the quality of their service. That’s why we’ve begun piloting a new project within Brandon and we’re pleased to introduce our team.

What do our quality checkers do?

Our quality checkers have been trained to ask questions and find out about another person’s support. They each have experience of receiving support, which we call lived experience. This means they can give a unique perspective on the support we provide to others. After their visits, the feedback is then put into written reports, which are shared to celebrate the things people love about their support team. Where needed, it can also help make their support better. The questions they ask are based on the REACH standards.

Meet the quality checker team

Name: Anne
I think good support is: arrives on time, let me know of any problems, listens and helps me with my laptop, asks to make drinks, checking what I like to eat, helps me to order ready meals, I choose staff that I like, there’s one rule: to share equipment, all the tenants making decisions.


Name: Ross
I think good support is: help to do thinking, letting me drive, take time to get to know the person and listening.


Name: Craig
I think good support is: helping people clean, play guitar with me, listen to music with me, play on computer, spends time with me.


Name: Chris
I think good support is: helping me to do chores, get out walking, helping you to stay fit and well, helping me to go places, listening to what I say.

Name: Eleanor
I think good support is: supporting us in day to day activities, looking after us, being friendly, going out for day trips, make our own choices.



Name: Mary
I think good support is: somebody who lets me make my own decisions, somebody who gives me helpful advice when I ask for it, somebody who is available when I need them, somebody who checks how my support is working for me and agrees to make changes if I ask for them.


Request a visit

Our quality checkers will be visiting areas across Brandon in 2019. If you're someone we support, you can request a visit.