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#25stories - Anne's story: Quality Checkers, chemo and a dream come true

Anne is a Quality Checker who's also shared valuable insight at our Driving Up Quality events. Most importantly, she loves a party.

At the beginning of 2019, Anne was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and has been undergoing some very difficult treatments, including chemotherapy. She's made a lot of hospital visits, endured daily injections, and is taking lots of medication. She has had to cope with losing her hair and feeling very unwell.

She explained: “I do have times when I feel well, and I would like to celebrate with my friends. I’m not sure how many opportunities I may have to do this in the future.”

Following her friends’ wedding (both supported by Brandon), Anne began to feel down. She’d really enjoyed the wedding and was extremely happy for her friends, but it had made her think.

Planning the party of a lifetime

Anne told us: “They had a great party and a band. They’d asked me to be PA so I’d helped plan their wedding. I thought that was great. I really enjoyed myself but it made me sad to think that I had never had such a party – then I thought, maybe I could.”

Shortly after the wedding, Anne made an application to the Dream Fund. Her dream was to hold an end-of-chemotherapy party. The panel were quick to accept and award her the money to hold the party of her dreams.

Anne’s chemo finished in the middle of July. She had a number of priorities for her party. Getting the guest list right was most important, followed by the music. Anne said: “We’ve got an ABBA group coming, we’ve got to get the food and drinks later, and I need to have a look online for my outfit.”

Dreams can come true

Needless to say, the party was a success, in fact everyone had such a good time that it’s inspired a Christmas party. We love these photos of Anne dressed as Agnetha – congratulations, you rocked it!


Want to help more dreams come true?

Find out more about the Dream Fund and support our Christmas appeal, or donate today.

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