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Annual satisfaction survey results 2022

Survey rating illustrationEvery year, we ask people we support, and their family members and friends, to take part in our annual satisfaction survey. The main aim is to discover how people feel about the quality of their support and to find out where improvements can be made.

This year, we gave people a series of questions and statements, which we asked them to agree or disagree with (on a sliding scale).

We asked people we support how they would rate their overall support and about their relationship with their support team. We also asked them about their social lives and whether they have choice and independence in their lives.

We asked family members and friends to give their perspective on the quality of our support, the happiness of their family member, and if they get the support they need. We also posed a series of questions about their interactions with our teams and whether they would recommend Brandon to others.

Summary of results

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Where it wasn’t as good as we would like, we are following up directly on what people told us.

The results tell us that our staff teams are working in a person-centred way, enabling people we support to experience choice and control in their lives.

Staffing is a concern for both sets of respondents but despite this, people we support still feel they have a trusting relationship with their staff.

An emerging theme for both groups, is a desire to be involved in reviews and recruitment. In addition, people we support want more paid employment and opportunities to try new things and learn new skills. They also want more options for social activities.

What will we do with these results?

We’ve set out several pledges to address the priorities arising from this survey. They include; establishing peer groups to find out what people we support want to do and achieve together, working with teams to create more social and employment opportunities, and continuing to improve our recruitment processes.

Find out more

To dig deeper into the results, please visit our annual survey page.