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Banwell pottery is now available to buy online

Ceramic items from one of Brandon Trust's social enterprises, Banwell Pottery, are now being stocked online by The Craft Unit which sells wares from craftspeople or artists who work in supported environments.

About The Craft Unit

Cake buntingThe Craft Unit specialises in seeking out a broad and unique range of exceptional quality craft and decorative arts. What unites the work is that each piece has been handmade or hand designed by craftspeople or artists who work in supported environments, and may often face social challenges within the myriad constructs of today's society.

The Craft Unit's makers include people who have a learning disability (such as Down's syndrome, autism, Fragile X syndrome), a physical disability, people facing migration and settling issues, and people experiencing enduring mental health conditions.

What The Craft Unit sells

The Craft Unit stock an eclectic mix of decorative homeware, kitchenware, and accessories such as handmade jewellery and greetings cards. They come from a mix of artisans across the UK and Europe, and are very eye-catching and high quality. They're now stocking some of Banwell Pottery's bunting, hangers, and screen-printed cards.

It's the perfect way to shop online for gifts and household items, where you can be safe in the knowledge that you're supporting others in a positive way.

How to access the shop

The Craft Unit logoTo see what's on offer, visit The Craft Unit's website.

Or, you can go directly to the selection of Banwell Pottery items stocked on the website.

If you'd like more information on how to stock Banwell Pottery goods, please get in touch with the Banwell Pottery team at info@banwellpottery.org.

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