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Browse, bid and buy through our new eBay charity shop!

We’re really excited to let you know that you’ll now be able to uncover some of the fantastic finds available in our boutique charity shops online, through our new shop on online auction site eBay.

This means that if you can't make it along to one of our Bristol shops, you can still browse, bid and buy from the great range of vintage, designer and nearly new clothing, accessories, homeware and unique collectables that they are known for!

The online shop will initially run over the summer into early autumn, with auctions ending in the middle and the end of each month. Brandon's retail team, led by Gloucester Road shop manager Lucy, have been selecting a range of stand-out items for the launch including a Versace vase and vintage Harris Tweed blazer jacket.

Lucy said: "Our aim is to bring the distinct boutique feel of our Brandon shops to eBay. We’ve put a lot of thought into hand-selecting an amazing range of items and provide a great choice for people looking to pick up a special item or fantastic bargain!"

We hope the eBay shop will ensure that even more of the items generously donated to our shops will find appreciative homes, helping us raise money to enable the people we support to live free.

Why not take two minutes to check it out today and see if there’s a bargain there for you!