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Building a Positive Behaviour Support community

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), is an approach to supporting people whose behaviour may sometimes challenge us. These behaviours could include verbal and/or physical aggression, self-injury, or the person isolating themselves. The main aim of PBS is to improve the person’s quality of life, so they can do more of the things that are important to them. The approach looks at how we can support the person every day, to help them stay relaxed and happy.

behaviour support planningAt Brandon, we’re creating a PBS community where staff who are passionate about supporting people who communicate through their behaviour, will come together to think about how we use PBS.

Early in 2018, we appointed an advanced practitioner in PBS to establish this community. We’re pleased to announce that we recently appointed two experienced practitioners in PBS. They are members of Brandon staff, who have taken on the additional role, drawing on their interest in the field. They’ll have opportunities to develop their skills and provide leadership in their local area.

In addition, a small group of support staff have completed training from BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities), on how to complete a behaviour assessment and meet someone’s needs. These new skills will equip staff in their day-to-day roles.

The next step in building our community, is to recruit more experienced practitioners in PBS, so every area of Brandon has support. We’re also developing awareness training for all support staff. The more we can increase understanding of PBS, the better support we can offer to enable people to live the lives they choose.

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