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Co-producing our new strategy

Over the last year, we've been working hard on a new five-year strategy, called Plan B. We're really proud of what we've produced – not just because of the ambitious plans in it, but because of the way it was co-produced with a group of people supported by Brandon. This group, now officially known as The Adventurers, made crucial contributions to all elements of the strategy. They conducted interviews and took part in workshops and discussions, and reviewed the material that came out of these.  

Put simply, the strategy would not be what it is without the involvement of The Adventurers. They made sure that the voices of people with a different ability were heard and remained as the focus throughout the process. Working with them was an invaluable experience for everyone, and the lessons learned have already led to positive changes to our culture and the way we work.  

“Co-producing the strategy with The Adventurers has really reinforced that we can’t second guess what people want in their lives,” says Julie, Training Delivery & Qualifications Manager. Damian, Area Manager for Cornwall, agrees. “It’s actually quite inspiring what I’ve learnt from the people with lived experience about their priorities,” he explains. “It’s not just about a strategy – it’s about real human lives.”  

Co-production benefits everyone

For The Adventurers, and all the people we support who took part in The Big Conversation, it was a chance to have a say about their lives and futures. “We are being supported by Brandon and it’s good to get our view as well,” says Kate, a member of The Adventurers. “Getting different feedback has been great and hearing what they’ve got to say, so we’re getting to actually hear what’s going on and when stuff is happening,” adds fellow Adventurer Nathan. “That’s how it should be. The way I see it is it’s been much better doing it like that because then we know what’s happening and we can try and adjust it if it’s not suitable for any of us.”  

Co-producing the strategy also provided an opportunity for them to advocate for others, which is something they all intend to keep doing through various other projects that they’re now working on. “I do feel like I’m helping in a way, because it’s not about us lot in the group – it’s about everyone out there as well,” says Nathan. “We want to be treated as equals, like we have capacity. We don’t want to be treated any different so we want to make sure we’re getting the right support.” 

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