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Cory's big move to his own home

Cory's view of the countrysideSet in a beautiful location, a stone’s throw from the Camel Trail in Cornwall, a new supported living development recently opened. In partnership with Pivotal Housing Association, the development in Dunmere near Bodmin, has seen the conversion of a farmhouse into five flats, three bungalows, and an annex.

Layout and design

Upon hearing about the new development, 22-year-old Cory expressed an interest in moving out of his family home and into his own flat. Cory’s mum, Jo, got in touch with Brandon business development manager, Steve, and they started the ball rolling.

Cory was fully involved in all aspects. His input into the layout and design made sure it would suit all of his needs.

A huge impact

Things were moving along nicely until unfortunately, COVID struck and the build came to a halt. At the time, as Cory was living with his mum, he mainly accessed community support. He was without this support for several months during lockdown. When his support resumed, his confidence was low and he was fearful of being in the community. It had a huge impact on him.

Over time, Cory bounced back and was keen to know when he could move into his own home.

Unlucky for some

Cory's moving in dayAs can sometimes be the case with projects like this, there were some delays and Cory thought it would never be finished. Until Friday the 13 May arrived. Unlucky for some, but for Cory, it was the happiest and luckiest day ever. He signed his tenancy and moved in!

We asked Cory a few questions about his journey.

Tell us a little about you

I am 22 years old; I am happy and like fun and banter. I want to live life to the full and sing! I have been waiting to move into the flat for two years – it's been a hard wait. The delays happened because of COVID, and I could not move in.

Why did you want to move into your own flat?

I wanted to do my own things like practise my DJing, get out every day, and I can get a girlfriend now! I could not do that in front of my mum.

What interested you in moving to this new development?

Cory in his new living roomI didn’t want to live on my own, but I’ve been sharing my mum's house so didn’t want to do that either (she’s fed up of my singing!). I liked the set up in Dunmere because I'd have my own place, but can hang out with other people if I want to. It's nice to know staff are there all the time to help if I need it.

How do you feel now you have moved in and what do you want to achieve?

I feel happy! I want to watch Man United play, I want to learn to cook more and try new things. I made a curry today! I’d like to do group things like DJ nights when everyone else moves in.

Want to join our team?

When you’re a support worker, every day is different. If you’re interested in a role with plenty of variety, please browse our jobs section. We have vacancies across the south of England and south Midlands, from London through Warwickshire to Cornwall.

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