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Foundations, Flexibility, Freedom - our lockdown annual report

Person with fantastic signPublishing our annual report gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the highlights and achievements of last financial year, and to share those with you all. The people we support and our staff are at the heart of these achievements, and it’s really important to us that they are front and centre of the report. 

However, the COVID-19 lockdown meant that we had to completely re-think our approach to this year’s report. Ordinarily, we would visit people to take photos and gather stories in person, but clearly that wasn’t an option for us this year.

Person with a proud signAs many of us have had to during the pandemic, we had to go back to the drawing board and get creative. Or rather, we asked the people most important to us to do that!

Inspired by the wonderful art and crafts we were already seeing from the people we support and our staff, we asked them to send in photos of themselves with a word drawing. We asked them to choose a word that summed up how being well supported made them feel – either by their support team, or by us as an employer.

As you will see, we received some wonderful images and quotes in response. Maintaining our person-centred approach, our in-house communications team then developed the highlight report 'Foundations, Flexibility, Freedom' around those photos.Brandon annual report 19-20

We’re very proud to share them with you in our 19-20 Highlight Report and Accounts.

You can find more about those highlights and previous year’s reports in the reports and statements section of our website.