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Involving family and friends

Tim and his familyFamilies often play a big part in the lives of people we support. Some families have told us they would like to be more involved with their relative's care and have better communication with Brandon. Some people we support said they would like this too.

Every family is unique so it’s really important that we have the right relationship with the families of the people we support. It helps Brandon improve the services we provide and means we can support our customers in the best way possible. We need to work with families so we can all support the people we care for together. To help us do this, we’ve created the Family Charter.

Brandon Family Charter

We worked with families, people we support, and Brandon support staff to develop the Family Charter. You can find it on the Families page of our website.

The Charter explains how we’ll work with you to create a Family Agreement with your relative and their support staff. This information will form part of your relative’s support plan.

"My daughter Lucy gets support from Brandon in our family home. It’s really important that staff learn about the small details and intricacies of family life. Families can learn from staff, as well as staff learn from families. Staff need to use their expertise to help our family enable Lucy in being more independent. We have to communicate well and work together." Marie - Lucy’s Mum

The Charter also explains how we support your relative to make decisions about how they live their lives. It explains how we involve families when your relative might need help to make decisions.

The Charter explains how and when we’ll communicate with you through your relative’s support plan, and through things like newsletters and our website.

We could not have created the Family Charter without families like yours. We’ll continue to listen to feedback to make sure we communicate well with your family and the people we support.

Involving people we support

We’ve also created a new plan to help us make sure that we involve the people we support in how we communicate with them.

The plan explains how the people we support can be involved in things like:

  • Plan for Life
  • Members’ Boards
  • Recruitment of support workers
  • How to become Board Members or be part of Brandon Voices

We want to involve people we support and ask how our services impact them personally. The people we support can help us as an organisation and the day-to-day services we offer. For more information, please read our Involvement at Brandon strategy (PDF, 873KB).

"Not just staff"