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Let's talk menopause


World Menopause Day (18 October), aims to raise awareness of the menopause, encourage people to start conversations, and explore support options for improving health and wellbeing.

Earlier this week, our Director of Operations, Tanya Abbott, discussed her own experiences of perimenopause, with our Director of People and Organisational Development, Gareth Thomas.

In this honest and heartwarming video, Tanya talks about the roller coaster of emotions that can come ahead of menopause and Gareth shares that where previously he might have felt awkward, he’s really learned the value of having conversations about menopause in the workplace.

The video is a little quiet so please make sure you turn your volume up.

Talking about menopause at work

Supporting our staff

It's important to keep talking about menopause, to offer support and understanding for those struggling with this natural phase of life. Many women find the menopause a difficult journey to navigate, and a significant number of women find it has had a negative impact on them in the workplace. For some women, the symptoms menopause brings, can be life-changing.

Menopause can also impact on the friends, family, and colleagues of the woman directly experiencing it. We believe that awareness and education should extend beyond the person who is directly experiencing it.

At Brandon, we want our staff to know that talking openly about menopause can make a huge difference. If you need support, please don’t suffer in silence – talk to your manager or a colleague. Let’s make the subject less taboo by starting or joining the conversation.

Show your support

As an employer, we’ve signed the Wellbeing of Women pledge to demonstrate our commitment to supporting our staff through the menopause. As an employee, you can also sign the pledge, to encourage other organisations to do the same.