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Making Brandon Voices heard

Brandon Voices LogoHere at Brandon Trust we're constantly striving to ensure that people with learning disabilities have the right and capacity to have their voice heard. The ideas and opinions of people we support are invaluable to us and play an essential role in shaping the future of our services.

Over the last two months a series of 'Brandon Voices' events have been taking place to bring these thoughts and views together.

Taking over from 100 Voices, these new events have been organised and led by our regional Members' Boards, made up of people with learning disabilities and autism from all areas of Brandon.

Following an event in each of their own areas, all four Boards came together last Saturday to share and discuss their findings with management, support workers, and trustees.

Brandon Voices 2016As well as a presentation from each area’s Members' Board, key policy areas were identified and everyone had a chance to vote on the issues they wanted Brandon to focus on.

Key points of discussion were; better opportunities for socialising, making sure that people with higher support needs are still heard, and more use of technologies such as Skype and email to connect with friends and family.

Chris, who is a representative from the Central Area Members' Board, summed up the purpose of the events neatly: "It’s all about equality at the end of the day."