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Making dreams come true thanks to supporter donations

48 dreams came true in 2018, with thanks to the generous donations of Brandon supporters. This year Brandon’s Dream Fund raised nearly £16,000 to help people we support achieve a special aspiration or wish.

Thanks to our supporters, the Dream Fund has helped make a wedding day beautiful, enabled a talented artist to publish her first book, taken people on holiday, and created stimulating and engaging environments for people with complex needs.

The Dream Fund also helps people with a learning disability or autism to achieve or do ordinary things that we often take for granted, like travel somewhere new or decorate their home. It’s 100% funded by our supporters and helps people achieve their dreams, big or small, and truly live free. Anyone who is supported by Brandon can apply.

What makes the Dream Fund so important?

Charlotte, who had a magical trip to London paid for by the fund, said: “My favourite part must have been the Ritz. Dressing up really smartly and putting my make-up on and dressing in my aubergine purple dress. It builds your confidence up and it builds your self-esteem up, and it makes you feel more confident with going away without your family… it helps my mental health… It makes me feel stronger to go out and not be scared.”

Hayley, an artist, whose book was published with help from the Dream Fund, said: “We emailed to the Dream Fund that I really want to do something about this book. I just want to be an illustrator. [The book launch] has gone very well because all my friends came here and then I first met the Mayor and the Mayoress and they were so impressed with my first storybook. I have never done something like this before and I’m just really proud of myself.”

How can I help the Dream Fund?

If you’d like to help make more dreams come true, you can find out more and donate to the Dream Fund on our website.