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Our annual satisfaction survey - the results are in

Control Over Daily Life - Survey ResultThe people Brandon supports and their friends and family have had their say in our annual survey about the quality of support, community connections, and activities the charity offers across all service areas.

There was also a first – we included an observational survey this time, which helped us gather the views of people who don't use verbal communication.

In total, 242 surveys were completed by friends and family (32% of total sent out) and 542 surveys were completed by people we support (36% of the total sent out).

The Involvement team have collated all the results and we're now sharing the outcomes and actions to be taken from what was said.

The results

There were some very positive results, for example 96% of friends and family are always or mostly happy with the support their friend or relative gets and 90% of people told us they are very or quite happy with the support they get from Brandon.

The results also show there are some things that we need to do better. These include increasing family involvement, better supporting people to stay healthy, and improving outcomes for those for higher support needs. It's important we get these things right and we've put plans in place to help us do that.

For a summary of the results, please visit our annual survey page.

The survey will be run each year to gather more views and check what impact the changes we've made are having.

More information

For more information, please email the Involvement team or call us on 0117 907 7200.