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Our survey says… See the results of our annual satisfaction survey

Statistic from Brandon Trust's Annual Survey 2017The results are in from Brandon's second annual satisfaction survey. This is the second year we've run the survey, which is sent out to people we support, and their friends and families.

To people we support, we included an observational survey so that people who don't use verbal communication can still have their say through somebody who knows them well.

We had another good response rate, with 32% of people we support responding, and 27% of friends and family responding.

We can use the results of this survey to track our progress in key areas over the last year.

The results

We found out lots of really positive things, for example:

  • 92% of people said they were very or quite happy with the support they get from us
  • 94% of friends and family were very or quite happy with the support their relative gets
  • 82% would be likely or extremely likely to recommend our support to others

Last year we identified some key areas we wanted to work on - supporting people to stay healthy, improving outcomes for those with higher support needs, and thinking about how we involve families in planning their relative's support.

We're very happy to see improved outcomes on both health, and support for people with more complex needs.

We know that we need to get better at communicating and building relationships with families. At around the same time as the surveys were sent out, we launched our family charter, which sets out how we'll work with families to deliver great support to their relative. We hope that's going to make a big difference in the coming year.

There are other things the survey showed us that we need to get better at. We've still got work to when it comes to those with complex needs - especially supporting them to make and maintain social connections as well as making sure they still get to exercise choice about who supports them.

Our new Involvement Coordinator, Emma Baker, is the person who is going to be taking the findings of the survey and leading an action plan that will address the areas where we could be doing better. We're excited to have her on board!

If you have any questions about the survey, you can email Emma and the Involvement team at involve.me@brandontrust.org

For a summary of the results, please visit our annual survey page.