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Safeguarding adults at risk from harm and abuse

National Safeguarding Adults Week logoMonday, 19 November, sees the launch of the first National Safeguarding Adults Week. The week aims to raise awareness of the risks faced by vulnerable adults, promote the importance of safeguarding, and share resources and good practice across the UK.

Safeguarding is often a complex and sensitive topic. This year, Brandon set up a Safeguarding Panel which is tasked with making sure Brandon is open and honest about learning from safeguarding cases; an aim shared by the organisations in the National Safeguarding Adults Network which hosts the safeguarding week.

Led by the Ann Craft Trust, the Network includes members from a range of organisations across the UK that play a role in safeguarding adults at risk from harm and abuse. Alongside Brandon, members include Sense, Choice Support, Dimensions, Advance, HFT, CVT, Voiceability, MacIntyre, and United Response.

Topics on the agenda during National Safeguarding Adults Week

As society changes, so too do the risks vulnerable adults face. Member organisations are hosting events across the country to promote awareness of issues, and to help relevant organisations provide safe support. Each day will focus on a different safeguarding issue. The themes are:

  • Disability hate crime
  • Forced marriage, the Prevent Agenda, disability and domestic abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Online safety and cyber bullying
  • Safeguarding adults in sport and activity

Explore the resources and learn more about safeguarding

Information and useful resources will be made available on the Ann Craft website for each of the topics on the agenda during week. Explore the resources and learn more about some of the growing risks faced by people with learning disabilities and autism. It’s everyone’s responsibility to speak up for the most vulnerable people in society. Let’s make sure they can live their lives safe from fear, harm, or neglect.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, if you see something - say something!