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Secret gifts lift spirits across Brandon

More so now than ever, we could all do with more kindness in our lives. This week, (14-20 February), is Random Acts of Kindness Week. It’s a week aimed at highlighting the importance of being kind to others and celebrates how, often seemingly small acts of kindness can brighten someone's day, and even change lives.

Surprise package

One of the gifted wish braceletsLast week, we heard a heartwarming story that lifted our souls here at Brandon. Abby, our area manager for Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire, got in touch to tell us about something unusual happening in their area.

The story started in the middle of January when Clara, a locality manager in Hampshire, received a wish bracelet in the post with no clues as to who sent it. Clara had been having a challenging time, due to circumstances brought about by the Covid pandemic.

Expressing her gratitude and delight, Clara said:

"Thank you to whoever is sending these bracelets, it put a smile on my face today."

The next person to receive a surprise gift was Abby, then it was Kerrin, a locality manager in Oxfordshire. Kerrin, like Clara, had also been putting in a huge amount of effort and time as a result of challenges brought about by Covid.

Token of appreciation

Wish braceletOver recent weeks, we’ve heard of four more locality managers who have also been lucky recipients of a surprise bracelet.

Abby told us:

"It's been a really tough start to 2021 for many people. Someone within the area team has recognised our hard work and commitment, and has chosen to send these small gifts as a token of appreciation.

"It has made the team smile and turned many of us into secret detectives, trying to work out who is sending these wonderful random acts of kindness. It has definitely lifted the spirits and given us hope in these difficult times."

Get involved

Despite numerous attempts to discover the identity of the anonymous gifter, it remains a mystery – a curious, yet uplifting mystery. If it's you, and you'd like to reveal your identity – please get in touch. We promise we won't tell anyone…