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#25stories - Tech living

Technology has a range of purposes, one is that it can enable people to live free. It can help prevent accidents, raise an alarm, or help people to achieve something they might find difficult. We’re currently working with two local authorities to pilot assistive technologies across Brandon.

Smart Homes Technology

A few months ago, a group of older adults moved into their own purpose-built flats for the first time. To help them live independently, as safely as possible, Smart Homes Technology was installed. This can control the lighting, heating, and door locking to allow people to live as free as possible.

Your own front door

A video entry system gives people the independence to answer their own front door, something many of us take for granted. Further to that they can buzz the hub and speak to a staff member directly for any reason, at any time.

Eye gaze technology

In another area, Derek has been trialling eye gaze technology. Previously, Derek was unable to connect freely with the people around him as he doesn’t use words to communicate. Now, for the first time in his life, Derek can direct his staff through retina-to-voice technology.

Brain in Hand

Wayne is enthusiastic about learning how to use Brain in Hand. It will enable him to do more for himself and rely less heavily on reminders from staff. The bespoke technology gives easy access to personalised reminders, notes, and prompts, as well as providing a range of coping strategies for challenging situations.

Learning disability and dementia

In addition, we’ve partnered with Plymouth University as part of the EPIC project. This will help us to measure the impact of our assistive technology service model for older people with a learning disability, who also have dementia.

What does it mean to people?

For Andrew moving in, the first thing he did as he entered his new flat was make a cup of coffee and sit down in his chair. This is something he couldn’t do before as the kitchen had to remain locked.

Mark has limited access to liquids due to a medical problem. Previously, it wouldn’t have been possible for him to live alone, but thanks to water isolating technology he now has that freedom.

Veryl likes to move furniture. Before, this could cause distress to the other people living there. Now he's free to arrange his flat however he likes, as often as he likes.