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The South Bristol Project: Friends, fun, and activities galore!

Outdoor sports at South Bristol ProjectLiving with autism or a learning disability can be lonely if you don’t have the right people around you. That’s one of the reasons the South Bristol Project exists; to give people the chance to learn new skills, whilst making friends.

Based at the Park Centre in Knowle, Bristol, the programme offers something for everyone. Activities include swimming, bowling, growing plants at the allotment and the opportunity to volunteer at the Redcatch Park café. For a bigger adventure, people go on exciting day trips once a week to museums, outdoor sports centres, farms, fairs, and more.

It’s easy for people to get to the Park Centre as everyone is collected each morning and brought to the Base Room for a cuppa and a chat, before the activities begin. It offers the chance to learn lots of new skills from cooking to money skills in a safe, friendly space where everyone’s individual likes and dislikes are respected. There are also lots of opportunities to stay fit and healthy with activities like accessible cycling and going to the gym.

South Bristol Project at Puxton ParkEric Mancey, locality manager, says: "The service is really great – people can choose how many days they come for and offer suggestions about what activities we try next. If people aren’t sure they’ll like it, we invite them to come for a taster day and find out who we are and what we do."

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, contact us to find out more, meet with us to discuss your needs, or arrange a taster day at the Centre.

Please call Sharon Ashton on 07464 670 405 or Eric Mancey on 07464 670 265 for more information.