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Volunteers help Greenfields to keep growing

Greenfields Polytunnel Repair By Burges Salmon VolunteersGreenfields, one of Brandon's social enterprise projects, has been given a beautiful makeover thanks to support from Bristol-based law firm, Burges Salmon.

Burges Salmon provided valuable funds and some hardworking teams of volunteers to help improve the site at Lawrence Weston Community Farm.

The polytunnel used to grow plants at Greenfields had sadly been badly damaged by vandals.

Burges Salmon were kind enough to pay for the materials needed to repair the damage and improve the security of the structure. They also sent a dedicated team of volunteers to help get the job done.

The repairs enabled the project to have a productive spring and they've been able to grow lots of beautiful plants.

In addition to this, the cabin on site was in desperate need of a paint job.

Greenfields Cabin MakeoverTeams from Burges Salmon came to the rescue again. They visited on three separate days and got busy scrapping away flaking paint, then sanding and painting the cabin.

The volunteers were fantastic, bringing lots of enthusiasm and energy. They worked really hard and made excellent progress. It's made a massive difference. The cabin was looking tired and unloved, but it's now looking really fresh, with a shiny new coat of green paint.

The people we support at Greenfields really enjoyed meeting the volunteer groups and spending time with them.

Huge thanks to Burges Salmon for all their help and support, and we look forward to welcoming them back again soon.

If you're interested in what we do at Greenfields and would like to get involved, please email Lynne, the project leader, at lynne.bevan@.brandontrust.org.

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