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Your vote, your voice

Polling Station SignVoting is an important chance to have your say about what's happening in the country. But research has shown that only around 10% of people with learning disabilities vote*, meaning a massive 1.3 million voices are missing from the conversation.

One reason is that the UK political system is just too difficult to understand for lots of people.

Brandon's Involvement Assistant, Beth Richards, said in an interview with BBC Radio Gloucestershire:

"It's too complicated, the whole system... It's all jargon... I feel left out of conversations and sometimes, invisible."

We want to make politics accessible and give everyone the chance to make their voice heard.

So, to enable the people with learning disabilities to understand politics and the forthcoming general election, we've produced a video guide. It explains how things work in the UK, what you need to do to register to vote, and the different ways you can vote.

Look out for part two coming soon, which is about what the different parties are saying and what this means for people with learning disabilities.

Watch the video on YouTube.

*Dimensions, 2013