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Chief Executive Sue Porto with people supported by Brandon

Open letter to thieves who stole from Brandon Trust’s Elm Tree Farm

At some point overnight last weekend (7-8 Dec), you made a conscious choice to commit burglary at our much-loved charity’s care farm, where we support people with learning disabilities and autism. Your actions have caused great distress to them and to our staff, who give so selflessly and whose passion and commitment enables approximately 80 of the most vulnerable people in our society to enjoy the opportunities we provide at the farm.

#25stories – one brother’s account

Simon was born into a very loving family. Our father was a hard working parish priest, and despite clergy incomes being quite low, our mother has never worked for an income, but always saw her role as full-time mother. We were both cared for so well, and our parents could not have done more to give us both as good a childhood as you could wish for.

#25stories – A worthwhile role

Mary is a student, an artist, and she works for Brandon as a Quality Checker. Having been supported by Brandon for the last year, Mary became part of the first group of Brandon Quality Checkers six months ago. Mary is keen to help make sure other people receive the same level of support that she does. And if she can help to improve support generally, that’s even better.

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