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"I didn't want to rely on medication"

Josh and his support worker, Samantha, talk about the challenges of getting healthy after Josh found out he had problems with his blood pressure.

Josh is supported by Brandon’s enabling team in Cornwall three times a week. He is a happy, fun loving man who enjoys video games. His inspirational blog shows that, with a little determination, it’s possible to make big changes.

Health concerns

When speaking to the doctors a while ago, I was told I am borderline for diabetes. They said I had to do something about my blood pressure, or it could be serious.

Getting healthy in lockdown

Josh was put on medication but he wanted to have a healthier lifestyle in order to lower his blood pressure naturally, so he started a regular exercise regime.

Since lockdown, Josh started doing three workouts a week, mentioning that he wants to start going to the gym when they open.

At first it was difficult as he doesn't like fruit or vegetables very much, so his diet was an issue for him. However, he has persevered and is doing so well.

He's altered some of his food choices, such as buying low fat options, taking multi-vitamins and he has been trying to introduce more fruit by buying smoothies and fruit cereal bars. Josh has bought himself an exercise game to make it fun and a smart watch to keep on track. He also booked an appointment with a lifestyle coach.

"I’m proud of myself"

I didn’t want to rely on medication for the rest of my life. I wanted to get healthy. I started to take steps to help lose weight and get fitter. My journey has been tough, especially the diet as I don’t like fruit and veg. I’m proud I’ve stuck at it.

Josh feels so much better in himself. He has also given up nicotine and he's limiting his caffeine intake in energy drinks. Since starting, Josh has lost an inch around his waist. 

Josh is staying on track and he is proud of himself. As a team we are also really proud of him. He is an inspiration to all of us – he’s not giving up despite obstacles.

I am thankful for my support at Brandon and to everyone else who has supported me. Without the encouragement from those around me, I would never have found the motivation to persevere through what is a big challenge and change to my life.

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