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'I won the Dream Fund!'

Hi everyone, this is Peter aka 'George Ezra' here! I am very excited to tell you all a bit about myself, so let's start.

Only a human

Singing is my passion. When I was about 5 years old Mum and Dad took me to Butlins where I sang karaoke in a bar with a Redcoat. That's where it all started. I then had my own karaoke machine and after that there was no holding me back. When I was 8, I started a new school where I took part in a talent show. I sang Mamma Mia on stage and lots of my friends took part doing comedy music and playing instruments. I also took part in the North Somerset Dance Festival six times at our local playhouse, we always got the biggest cheer.

All of us in my family used to sing. They used to call us the Von Trapps from Sound of Music. We often go to a holiday park and I sing regularly with the bands such as Reggae on the Rocks, Olly Murs and Gary Barlow. Twice nightly and quite a few more, haha!

I went to Weston College for a year and did lots of different courses such as bike and car maintenance, hair and beauty, performing arts, sport and cooking, but I became very poorly, and after a long illness, it was too much to cope with. That's when I found Brandon Trust.

I am so much more confident and happier; I have lots of friends and do lots of different things. The staff are amazing, especially Claire.

I sing and dance and do drama on Wednesday. But we didn't have much equipment, so decided to apply to Brandon's Dream Fund.

The beautiful dream

We had an email to say we got lots of money, to choose items for our music and sensory room. We were all very happy, and together thought about things we would like to buy.

Then we had fun looking through the computer, and putting things into a basket, I thought of things for people not so able as me, it was a nice feeling to buy them things they could use too.

George unpacking all the boxesIt was really fun when all the boxes started arriving. We played 'what’s in the box' and unwrapped them. For days things arrived… and here we are with lots of new stuff for us all, so we can all practise. Our music and sensory sessions are a lot better, since all this equipment arrived. We are very lucky and happy and look forward to our sessions.

Now I can carry on with my passion of becoming the next George Ezra, I would love to get a job as a DJ or singer. Maybe one day, if I keep practicing, I will reach my dream, as I never let anything hold me back.

It's been lovely to talk to Claire, and Mum and Dad to write things down so I can do this blog to share everything with you. It would be nice to hear stories of you guys too that read my story. And who knows, maybe we could all meet up one day and I could perform some songs for you, and we could all do some songs together.

Bye for now from 'George Ezra' and thank you to the Dream Fund!

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Everyone who is supported by Brandon can apply for the Dream Fund. Ask your support worker for an application form or make a video to tell us your dream and how Dream Fund can help. Then send it to: dreamfund@brandontrust.org

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