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Jon's new start

A person in a wheelchair under a blue parachutre which is being held up. The sun is shining in the sky.In this blog, support worker Josh in Devon talks about how a combination of medication reduction and a newly inspired team with a fresh outlook can make a huge difference to someone's life.

A little over a year ago, Jon was on higher doses of medication, struggled with a number of anxieties, and had a limited range of activities that he would choose from.

However, that's all changed. With a number of new factors such as a new team leader with fresh ideas, further training for his staff team and reduction of his medication, Jon’s life began to change for the better.

It wasn’t always easy for Jon, or his staff team, but he trusted us as we trusted him and together, we all persevered. Following a medication review and with support from Jon’s health team, it was decided that it would be in Jon’s best interests to try and reduce the amount of medication that he was taking. Following the medication reduction, over time, Jon’s communication and listening skills have improved, he is more able express how he is feeling and with the help of staff is better at managing his anxiety.

We also encouraged Jon to make more use of the car to access the community. This was a giant celebratory leap forward for Jon. Going out in the car provided a wider range of activities and enabled Jon to visit places that had always been important him, for example meeting up with his sister and having picnics at one of his favourite spots.

Jon became more open to trying new activities and started going to a local monthly disco. He started swimming and going to a local library for new books to read and he helps with recycling at the local Brandon Trust office as well! Jon is so much more active now and is generally more relaxed and has even overcome his anxiety about visiting the hairdressers. He's more willing to explore places and activities outside of his comfort zone, it’s wonderful to see!

Jon has admirably accepted all of these new experiences that have opened up his world and still enjoys them very much to this day. He has come so far and we are all very happy for him and really proud of his journey over the last year. So here’s a written toast to Jon and his future, a personalised and meaningful life… or as we might say to Jon, “Good times and happy memories” ahead!

We're involved with the STOMP campaign, which aims to stop the over-medication of people with learning disabilities, autism, or both. We're taking proactive steps to stop the overuse of psychotropic medicines so that people like Jon can have their lives opened up to countless new possibilities.