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Learning for life

The theme for Learning at Work Week 2022 is ‘learning uncovered’, with a focus on lifelong learning. Here, Tammy and Damian talk about their experience of continual learning and how it's shaped their careers. 

Tammy, Quality Coordinator

From an early point in my career, I've grabbed opportunities whenever they've come up. The more you learn, the more avenues are opened up for you. Over the last 20 years I've been a support worker, team leader, registered manager, advanced practitioner and locality manager. I now work in Brandon’s quality and compliance team as a quality coordinator, with a lead role in positive behaviour support.

I've also gained a long list of qualifications in that time – from health and social care diplomas to specialist training in autism spectrum disorders and positive behaviour management. When you work for an organisation like Brandon, you can find your niche and specialise. They've always been very supportive and willing to invest in my development. 

The main thing that motivates me to keep learning is making sure we can give 100% to the people we're supporting. The job is about improving their quality of life and giving them opportunities to make something of themselves. By growing our skills and knowledge, we can have a bigger impact and a greater positive influence on people's lives. 

Damian, Area Manager

I started working in care eight years ago as a support worker and have held several different positions since then, so it's been non-stop learning. I've always been driven – I want to push myself and achieve things. Progressing in this job gives you the opportunity to make a difference on a bigger scale, and that's really motivating. 

As part of my professional development, I've done qualifications in health and social care, management and leadership. I also think it's really important to learn from our peers, colleagues and leaders. There's so much experience within Brandon – it's the most skilled workforce I've ever come across. Every piece of learning is a tool to add more value to what you do. The more knowledge you have, the calmer and more prepared you can be, which is really important in this type of work. 

Brandon offer lots of internal training and ways to upskill. They also give their staff the autonomy to be proactive in their roles. I always encourage people to go looking for opportunities to develop – you have to keep investing in yourself and go after what you want.  

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