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Making a connection with people brings me joy

Obi Acreman, Brandon support workerObi joined Brandon last year, aged 19, after deciding university was not for them. We caught up with Obi to discuss how working as a support worker is meeting both their long and short-term goals.

Starting out in social care

I started with Brandon last September as I'd just dropped out of uni and was looking for a role that didn’t require me to have a degree or any experience.

Rewarding work

Of course there are consistent aspects such as medication and personal care, but a typical working day could involve anything from dancing or painting nails to visiting a coffee shop. I just love the variety! One to one support is tailored to the people we are supporting so it depends entirely on the individual and what they want to do while you're there.

I support a lot of people who are non-verbal and I can remember the first time each of them smiled at me during a one to one session. Making a connection and gaining the trust of the person I’m supporting, brings me a great deal of joy.

Learning on the job

Sometimes, I have to really hit the ground running. This job has really taught me a lot about being efficient without rushing and trusting my ability to work under pressure.

As a support worker I think you need to trust in yourself, but ask for help when mistakes are made – we all make them! The support is there to rectify a problem. I genuinely believe that if you have a passion for care and are excited to learn, literally every day, you'll be just fine.

Obi Acreman
Support Worker

Who cares? We do, could you?

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