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Open letter to thieves who stole from Brandon Trust’s Elm Tree Farm

Chief Executive Sue Porto chats with people supported by BrandonAt some point overnight last weekend (7-8 December), you made a conscious choice to commit burglary at our much-loved charity’s care farm, where we support people with learning disabilities and autism.

Your actions have caused great distress to them and to our staff, who give so selflessly and whose passion and commitment enables approximately 80 of the most vulnerable people in our society to enjoy the opportunities we provide at the farm.

The farm is a lifeline for these people and a place of inclusion and belonging, a place where people can learn skills, gain confidence, and earn money through employment.

One of the people we support described his sadness at not being able to do the things he would usually do at the farm because of your actions. He asked: “Why would they steal from the farm?” How do you propose I answer this question? Only you can answer.

You may have thought you were targeting a faceless organisation, but actually if you looked into the eyes of the people we support and our wonderful staff team, who you have hurt so deeply, I hope that you would be appalled by your actions. I wish you could see the look of achievement on the face of someone we support, when they create a piece of woodwork (using the tools you have stolen), or to tend to plants in our nursery.

I don’t know who would fail to be humbled and moved by the sight. You didn’t just take tools, cash, and equipment; you took away the joy people get every day through the work they do at the farm.

It’s not too late for you to repair the damage you have caused. You can return the items you have stolen, our van, and the significant amount of cash. I urge you to do so at the earliest opportunity. You can contact us at 0117 907 7200 to inform us where to find the stolen goods and cash. It is never too late to put this right.

Sue Porto
Chief Executive