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Plant donation kickstarts garden project

Niki GreenmanHi. I’m Niki. I’ve worked for Brandon for over 20 years, and recently moved into an acting locality manager role in the Gloucestershire area.

When I took on my new position, I was asked to think about how we could improve the appearance of the front of the house I was working in, to make it feel more homely and attractive for the people supported there. It’s important that houses feel like a home, and gardens are an important part of that.

“I was all over it”

I’m lucky to have a neighbour who works at Ross Garden Store in Ross-on-Wye, and they told me that the store awards ten small grants a year, to local good causes. Well, to say ‘I was all over it’, is an understatement and we were quickly chosen as one of the grant recipients.

Incredible donation

The improved garden and entranceWe received an incredible donation of beautiful plants which has massively enhanced the house entrance.

As well as this, Brandon added to the project’s success by purchasing garden furniture and arranging for the fence to be painted. Our area manager, Kim Whelan, also contributed with a selection of planters. We’ve also created a small herb garden which, when the herbs begin to grow, the people we support can pick and use them for cooking meals.

Massive boost

The project has given the property entrance a massive boost and has made such a difference. It’s been amazing to see everyone getting involved in the planting and looking after the plants.

Hanging baskets decorate the doorwayWe plan to continue developing the project for the people we support to enjoy into the future. We are now looking into creating a vegetable patch and possibly getting some chickens – which will play a huge part in their active support. One of the tenants will be supported to look after the chickens and collect the eggs (who doesn’t enjoy a good home-cooked omelette).

Fantastic outcome

The donation from Ross Garden Store was just the start of what has become a fantastic outcome. On behalf of everyone at the service, I’d like to say a massive thanks to Ross Garden Store for kicking things off for us.

Niki Greenman 
Acting Locality Manager

Work with us

If this sounds like the sort of project you enjoy getting involved with, we have lots of job opportunities for support staff. Head to our jobs section to find out more about working with us and to browse our current vacancies.