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Posted: 24 November 2021

Jordan is 24 years old and works at the Sesame Centre in Rugby, Warwickshire. He recently achieved a Distinction in his Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3 Diploma.

Support worker, Jordan Midson, being presented with his diploma

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Jordan is 24 years old and works at the Sesame Centre in Rugby, Warwickshire. He recently achieved a Distinction in his Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3 Diploma. In this post, he tells us about his career in care and how he got to where he is today.

I started working in care through a friend asking me to cover some of their shifts. I fell in love with the job and have never looked back since.

I began my career in care homes for the elderly and people with dementia, then I moved to end-of-life care in a hospice. I’m now at the day centre where I’ve worked for two years.

We put on different activities within the centre and have just started branching out to doing things in the community again. Pre-Covid we did loads of stuff, like swimming, bowling, cinema outings, and trips to the zoo.

We also support people with important everyday tasks, such as accompanying them to hospital appointments and building up their life skills. People cook their lunches and dinners at the centre.

The perfect fit

When I decided I wanted to work with people with learning disabilities and complex needs, I actually applied for a few different day centres. But Brandon as a whole just fitted me better than the others.

I felt really comfortable and at ease when I came in for my interview. They were willing to show me the ropes and take a chance on me, as I hadn’t done this specific kind of care work before.

My manager kept in touch with me throughout the application process and I felt like part of the team before I’d even started.

A little support goes a long way

When I joined Brandon, I’d already completed my Level 2 Diploma but was adamant I’d never do Level 3. I didn’t get much support with Level 2 from my employer at the time so it was quite a negative experience.

But my manager, Paula, encouraged me to do the Level 3 Diploma and offered me as much help as she could all the way through. She was an amazing support and was always happy to talk to me about the work I was doing.

My trainer for the diploma was brilliant as well – I couldn’t have done it without the two of them.

To Distinction – and beyond!

I was honestly just hoping to pass my diploma, so getting anything above that was an unexpected bonus. Doing it while in a job that I love and with the support of my manager really helped me to achieve the Distinction.

Now that I’ve got my Level 3, I could apply for a team leader or senior care worker role. So obviously having the qualification is good for me because it means better pay and opportunities in the future.

But it’s also about what it allows you to give back. You can apply all the knowledge you’ve learnt to your role and ultimately be a better care worker for the people you support.

I think if you love working in care and see yourself staying in the sector, doing the qualifications can only benefit you and what you’re able to give back.

Jordan Midson
Support Worker

Kickstart your career in care

If you’re passionate about helping others and keen to explore a career in care, we’d love to hear from you!

We have a wide variety of roles available across all levels at Brandon and offer lots of learning and development opportunities to our staff, including qualifications like Jordan’s. Head to our jobs section to find out more about working with us.

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