What is a quality checker?

The Brandon Trust Adventurers mosaic of photos

Our quality checkers are our Brandon Adventurers, people we support who are employed by Brandon and have been trained to look at other people’s support and see if there are any areas that can be improved.

They have lived experience of receiving support, which means they can give a unique perspective on the support we provide to others.

The questions they ask are based on the REACH standards, a set of voluntary standards recommended by the Care Quality Commission which are designed to ensure we always consider everyone’s human rights and our duty to protect them.

The standards are:

A group of people in a factory with a young man with down syndrome all looking happy whilst one man holds an ipad
  • I choose who I live with
  • I choose where I live
  • I have my own home (with a tenancy or ownership)
  • I choose who supports me and how I am supported
  • I choose my friends and my relationships
  • I get help to make changes in my life
  • I choose how to be healthy and safe
  • I choose how I am part of the community
  • I have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens