Types of jobs

We have many opportunities at Brandon. We look for people who share our values and who can enable the people we support to achieve their dreams and truly live free.  Supporting people with a learning disability, autism, or both, is a hugely rewarding job. Building professional relationships with people and seeing the positive influence you can have on their life is fulfilling. We provide thorough training, support to gain professional qualifications, competitive rates of pay and a range of benefits.

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We have many opportunities at Brandon. We look for people who share our values and who can enable the people we support to achieve their dreams and truly live free.

Job types

Brandon welcomes dedicated individuals to join us as support workers, where every day offers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. A support worker at Brandon plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals with learning disabilities, autism, or both, supporting them to live fulfilling and independent lives within their communities.

Imagine stepping into the role of a casual bank support worker at Brandon, where every day brings a new opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals with learning disabilities, autism, or both. This position is not a full-time role but rather one where you are called upon as needed, often at short notice, to fill in for regular support staff or to assist during busy periods.

Our team leaders are the backbone of our 24/7 service, embracing flexible shifts to ensure support is provided around the clock. As a Team Leader at Brandon, you’ll be at the heart of our mission, guiding a dedicated team of support workers. This is a chance to inspire and motivate, ensuring people receive exceptional care and support. Your leadership will shape the lives of those we support.

As a staff nurse with Brandon, you’ll play a pivotal role in creating a brighter future for those we support.
Your role will involve much more than developing your nursing skills. You’ll be instrumental in helping individuals with daily living skills, being part of their community, managing personal care, and ensuring medication needs are met. Within this role, you’ll run shifts, oversee support workers, and manage the health needs of those we care for.

At our warm and welcoming nursing homes, you’ll find flexibility and a range of shifts to meet the needs of the people we support, and your lifestyle. Your passion and dedication will help inspire the team to ensure that every person we support lives the best life possible.

A nurse team leader at Brandon is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to a team of nurses. They ensure that nursing practices adhere to the highest standards and align with Brandon’s values of person-centred care. The role involves both managerial and clinical aspects, aiming to deliver excellent care to the individuals we support.

In school holidays, we run children’s play schemes in South Gloucestershire. Play workers provide a safe, stimulating environment for children and ensure that activities meet their individual needs. You’ll enable children to participate in activities organised by the play scheme leader and encourage them to join in with others.

Schemes run Monday to Friday during the school holidays, as well as some hours during term time in after-school settings and clubs. The hours of work are generally 9.30am–4.00pm.

Our high street shops and social enterprises generate funds for Brandon, offer paid and voluntary employment for individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism, and advocate for sustainable living and second-hand fashion as well as providing community experiences.

When you work in one of our charity shops, cafes, potteries or farms, you’ll play a key part in supporting our mission to empower people with learning disabilities and autism. You will be responsible for contributing to the daily operations of our not-for-profit businesses, helping to generate essential funds that directly impact the lives of those we serve.

Within Brandon’s office roles, there are several key positions that contribute to the organisation’s mission of empowering the people we support. These roles encompass various functions, including human resources, finance, health and safety, and learning and development – each vital to the smooth operation and effectiveness of the charity.

These roles collectively form the backbone of Brandon, enabling us to deliver person-centered support, advocate for the rights of individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism, and work towards creating an inclusive environment for all.