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  1. 100 Voices Conferences

    100 Voices Learning Disabilities Conference
    100 Voices Conferences

    100 Voices is the annual conference held by people with learning disabilities and autism, supported by Brandon Trust.

  2. Travel Buddy

    Travel Buddy scheme - People with learning disabilities supporting their peers
    People supporting people

    Brandon Trust runs Travel Buddy schemes, where trained people with learning disabilities support their peers to use public transport.

  3. Work Clubs

    Support to develop workplace skills through our Work Clubs
    Work Clubs

    We offer a range of services to help people with learning disabilities and autism to develop workplace skills and become more independent.

  4. Assistive Technology

    Assistive Technology promotes independence
    Assistive Technology

    Assistive Technology devices empower people to lead more independent lives, making everyday tasks more accessible.

  5. Summer Camps

    We help young people to develop confidence, self-esteem and life skills at our Summer Camps
    Summer Camps

    Our annual Summer Camps for young people promote independence, confidence, self-esteem and develop new skills through group activities.

Supporting and enabling people to live the lives they choose

Vision Statement

Brandon Trust sees a future where people with learning disabilities will exercise full citizenship with all its rights and responsibilities within UK society, where every person will be empowered and supported as necessary to safely live their life to its full potential. They will routinely exercise choice and control to the extent that they are able to, in all matters that impact on them without fear or barriers, and know what it is to be loved and to love.

Brandon Trust: Supporting People

For people with learning disabilities 'Living a life' will mean total involvement in what is going on in the world in which they live.

Read our plan, taken from Brandon Trust's 5 year strategy Making a Mark (2011-2016).


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