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Our purpose, vision and values

Our purpose

Our purpose was written by the people we support and sets out our commitment to them. It connects everyone who works with us and drives our every action.

We work alongside people of different ability so they are able to create opportunity and feel empowered to live the life they want.

Our vision

Our vision is the future that the people we support and work alongside told us they want, and what it looks like. It is a future where the focus is on what people can do and the value that everyone brings.

A world where people of different abilities truly belong.

Our values

Challenge me

  • Take positive risk
  • Be adaptable
  • Be accountable

Support me

  • Build confidence
  • Advocate for others
  • Foster community

Equip me

  • Be prepared
  • Provide access
  • Be consistent

Involve me

  • Make time
  • Be collaborative
  • Provide choice

Recognise me

  • Listen
  • Make things clear
  • Be responsive