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Annual Highlight Report and Accounts 2021-22

2020-2021 Brandon Annual Report and Accounts cover pageWhile we are continuing to live with the effects of COVID and the ongoing challenges it presents, Brandon is very focussed on the future and in 2022 launched our new long-term Plan B strategy.

In February 2022, the final COVID restrictions were removed in England. We have worked tirelessly to support people to adjust to a more flexible lifestyle, while also in some services continuing to be required to wear appropriate PPE. Whilst devising innovative ways to help people reconnect with society, life didn’t quite return to normal for some of our teams and the individuals they support.

Our annual survey, The Big Conversation, saw us gather feedback from staff, people we support, their families, and our wider communities and commissioners. We took a close look at ourselves, both in terms of how we support people and the role we can play in creating a world where people of different abilities truly belong.

It was very clear that Plan A had only got us so far and a lot more needs to be done to truly enable everyone in society to live the life they choose, so the survey feedback shaped our Plan B strategy.

Plan B, which was co-produced with The Adventurers, sets out what we will do over the next five years to create a future where we are all connected and have equal opportunities to make our choices and thrive. It’s about Brandon leading by example, driven by our purpose of working alongside people with different ability so they are able to create opportunity and feel empowered to live the life they want.

During this year, we also provided support to more than 1,600 people with a learning disability, autism or both across 19 local authorities, with a team of more than 2,300 staff, bank workers and volunteers. In 2021-22, 19 of our 21 registered support locations were rated Good or Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

Our annual report also reveals we had a key focus this year on ‘Active Support’ – a method of enabling people with learning disabilities to engage more in their daily lives, supporting them to have increased choice and independence, and to overcome barriers so they take a more active role in their own lives.

We will continue to work together as a team and with our external partners to ensure everyone is enabled to live free.

Brandon is incredibly proud of the work we do and the people at the heart of our organisation, who are dedicated to ensuring the people we support can live life to the full, both now and in the future.

Read more about our year in the 2021-22 Highlight Report and Accounts (PDF 9.7MB).

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