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Our strategy

A New Way (2016-2021)

With the climate of austerity, the world in which we operate is very tough. Never before has it been as challenging to provide top-quality support. However, we're really excited to be beginning our new strategy which recognises the challenges ahead but refuses to let them prevent us from pursuing our vision of greater freedom for all.

Part of the problem is that it has all become so complex. Our response is to try and communicate complicated issues in simple terms. We believe our two NOW and NEXT graphics do just that. By taking a look at this you can understand something of how we see the world, and what we're going to do about it.

A New Way Strategy - vision

Over the next five years we're going to concentrate on making sure that:

  • Our customer experience is genuinely great
  • Our work is consistently high quality
  • We can demonstrate the impact of our work.
  • Our workforce have what they need to do a great job and experience wellbeing at work.
  • We remain sustainable despite extreme financial pressures.
  • We represent the voice of those we support.

A New Way Strategy - plan

We're looking for supporters, families, businesses, volunteers, donors, and many others, to join us to help this become a reality. If anything about Brandon excites you, get in touch!

We want to #LiveFree – do you?

Lucy Hurst-Brown (CEO)

We’ve also made a film and easy read paper to explain the strategy for people we support.

A New Way Strategy easy read-paper (pdf)

Brandon Trust 5 Year Strategy: A New Way

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