Annual survey

We're really pleased to share the results from our 2016 annual survey. We had a fantastic response and some very positive results. Huge thanks to all the people we support and their friends and family who completed it.

Annual survey statisticHow was the survey set up?

People we support and their families helped us develop the questions which covered quality of support, community connections and activities.

We included an observational survey for the first time, which helped us gather the views of people who don’t use verbal communication. We’ve had good feedback from people we support and staff on how well this worked - as far as we know, we’re the first organisation to use this type of survey!

This was also the first year that we ran the same survey across all areas.

How many people filled the survey in?

We had a great response rate for this survey:

  • 242 were completed by friends and family (32% of total sent out)
  • 542 surveys were completed by people we support (36% of the total sent out)

What did we find out?

You'll find some of the great things you told us if you click on the blue bars below. Further down the page, you'll find what we're planning to do about the things you told us we could do better.

What friends and family told us
  • 96% of friends and family are always or mostly happy with the support their friend or relative gets from Brandon
  • 99% said staff always or mostly treat their friend or relative with respect
  • 96% said staff always or mostly support their friend or relative to stay healthy
  • 98% said staff always or mostly support their friend or relative to be happy
  • 99% said staff always or mostly support their friend or relative to feel safe
  • 95% of people said their friend or relative is supported to access the community 
  • 89% said their friend or relative is always or mostly supported to see friends and family
  • 97% said they are always or mostly happy with the environment where their friend or relative gets support
  • 90% said staff always or mostly communicate effectively with them
  • 85% said they are likely or extremely likely to recommend Brandon to family and friends
What people we support told us
  • 90% of people told us they are very or quite happy with the support they get from Brandon
  • 89% of people told us they feel good or very good when staff support them
  • 91% of people told us they are very or quite happy with the amount of control they have over daily life
  • 84% of people told us they see friends and family as much as they would like
Observational surveys

Observational surveys are for people who are not able to complete their own survey, with or without support. We asked someone who knows the person well to complete it. Sometimes this was a relative, mostly it was staff.

There are fewer questions in the observational survey, but the people who filled them in on behalf of the person we support, were asked to explain, or evidence, their answer.

From the results of the observational surveys, we think:

  • 96% of people are very or quite happy with the support they receive
  • 92% of people show they are happy most days or every day
  • 93% are very or quite happy with how often they do things they value and enjoy

What are we doing about the things that could be improved?

All Brandon managers have been sent the survey findings. We've asked them to look at the results for their area, share them with their team, and have a plan to improve the things they could be doing better.

We've checked the results and found some key areas that we need to improve across the organisation. Here’s what we found out and how we plan to get better.

Improving family involvement

You told us a number of ways you'd like us to improve family involvement, including more formal communication and more involvement in the life of your loved one.

We think this is really important, so we're working with families to develop an Involvement Charter. This makes it clear what you can expect from Brandon and how we'll work together.

If you'd like to be involved in what the charter includes, please email Ruthie Whincop.


We asked people we support how healthy they feel. The score for this was much lower than other answers.

We're going to check that everyone we support has a Health Action Plan and attends their annual health check, and set reminders to ensure they are doing that.

Improving outcomes for people with higher support needs

Observational surveys scored lower than the direct surveys on almost every question. The Brandon Members' Boards have made it their top priority to improve outcomes for people with higher support needs.

We're doing a range of things to improve this, including:

  • Finding different ways to communicate so people are better connected
  • Giving people with higher support needs priority in our quality checking programme
  • Improving how people are involved with choosing their support staff
  • Supporting people to stay connected and involved with family and friends
Residential services

Residential services scored lower than other service types for a number of questions.

We're allocating staff in each region to look at ways we can ensure that people are supported to be as independent as possible and to have choice and control wherever they live.

Video news

Video news is made so everyone we support can share their stories and find out what's happening in other areas.

A lot of people haven't heard about it yet so we're working with local staff teams to change that and to make sure that people can share their stories if they want to.

More information on video news, including links to all the editions, is available on our website.

What's next?

We'll be running the survey again in 2017, so we'll be able to see what impact these changes are having.

For more information, please email the Involvement team or call us on 0117 907 7200.