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The power of simplicity

For a variety of reasons I've recently been pondering about just how complicated the world is. From the tensions in the Middle East, to the effects of global warming and the floods up North this week or the inevitable ongoing impact of austerity on social care. In all of these issues, and most others, there is no single cause and no simple solution. While complexity undoubtedly enriches our lives, it can also confuse and disorientate us, slow us down and worst of all, on occasions, paralyse us.

Imagine a world with more Dereks

Every Thursday in Cheltenham there’s a gathering of local residents with a common bond; knitting! What images do you conjure up when thinking about knitting? Ones of Grandmas knitting away in their favourite chairs, furiously casting on and knitting endless scarves and squares for that old knitted blanket?

Smelling the flowers and feeling proud

I recently spent the day at Rosina May Florists in Mangotsfield, Bristol. I wanted to do work experience in a florist because I've never worked in a flower shop before and I think flowers are pretty. I'd like to learn the names of flowers; I really like lilies, pink carnations and daffodils. Sometimes I smell flowers in my garden and I like the way they smell, especially the white and pink roses. They look lovely too.

It's got me bouncing!

Hello, my name is Charlotte Allison and I recently began my journey with Brandon Trust. This year I decided it was time to go home every evening feeling like I'd made a positive impact on the world. That’s definitely a boost I knew would get me bouncing to work every morning!

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