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Driving Up Quality across Brandon

At Brandon, we're proud to be part of Driving Up Quality, an important campaign that helps providers give the best support possible.

balloonsWe've been busy holding our regional Driving Up Quality events over the last few weeks. They’re a brilliant opportunity to celebrate what we do well, but also to look at where we need to do better. From London to Cornwall we invited the people we support, their friends, family, staff, and commissioners to provide their thoughts and feedback… and what a fantastic turnout it was!

There were inspiring presentations from people we support and support staff, games, dancing, and even a wonderful wedding announcement. Crucially, everyone put their heads together to discuss how we can keep getting better at what we do and understand what we could improve.

Driving Up Quality is an independent, national campaign and code of conduct. It was set up in the aftermath of the exposure of the shocking abuse at Winterbourne View. Its aim is to ensure that organisations like Brandon provide high-quality, values-led support for people with a learning disability. It does this by encouraging providers to continually assess and improve their services alongside promoting a culture of listening and openness.

All organisations who are signed up to the campaign will now submit the feedback from their events to Driving Up Quality. Once this has been done, Driving Up Quality will publish a national report which will help us all share best practice and learning so we can all continue to improve the support we offer. We’ll share our report on the Brandon website, so watch this space!

A big thank you to everyone that was involved in our events this year!

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