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Gender Pay Gap

We welcome the opportunity to publish our gender pay gap report for 2018. You will find more details on reporting requirements and how the data is calculated on the Government website.

The data for Brandon Trust for 2018 is as follows:
  • Mean hourly rate – women’s hourly rate is 1.2% lower
  • Median hourly rate – women’s hourly rate is 2.3% higher
  • Bonus gender pay gap – not applicable as Brandon doesn’t operate a bonus scheme

Proportion of females and males in each quartile bracket:

Top quartile Men 28.9% Women 71.1%
Upper middle quartile Men 26.5% Women 73.5%
Lower middle quartile Men 24.2% Women 75.8%
Lower quartile Men 36.9% Women 63.1%





Our 2018 report in summary

Our workforce
Like many other organisations in the social care sector, Brandon has a predominantly female workforce. At 5 April 2017, the employees who were eligible to be included in the gender pay gap calculations were 70.9% women and 29.1% men. Our overall employee split of women to men continues to be typical of these percentages.

Mean hourly rate of pay
The mean rate of pay is the difference between the average hourly rate of pay for women and men. For Brandon, this figure is 1.2% lower for women.  

While our mean pay gap is small, it is essential that we acknowledge it and actively work to eliminate it over the coming year. One particular area of focus is the redesign of our leadership development programme which is currently being undertaken in close consultation with colleagues from all levels of the organisation.

Median hourly rate of pay
The median rate of pay is the difference between the midpoints in the ranges of men’s and women’s hourly rate of pay. For Brandon Trust, this figure is 2.3% higher for women.

We also have to report on how many women and men are in each quarter of our payroll. The top three quartiles are broadly reflective of the overall make up of our workforce. The lower quartile shows a slightly higher proportion of men (36.9%)

Brandon does not discriminate on grounds of gender and complies in full with the Equality Act 2010. We are absolutely committed to the principle of gender pay equality. Jobs are evaluated and placed on pre-set pay scales, ensuring all our staff are paid the same for comparable roles regardless of gender. Brandon does not operate a bonus scheme.

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