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An innovative approach to sensory care

Autism affects the way people experience the senses. Difficulties in sensory processing can make daily life a challenge – everyday sounds, sights, and sensations can become overwhelming and lead to sensory overload and meltdown.

On the other hand, familiar sensory encounters in safe settings can be wonderful experiences. This makes up a really important part of the care provided by our Ramsden Day Centre, which supports people with profound learning disabilities and autism in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

As well as having sensory rooms full of objects with different textures to stimulate the touch sense, they have also recently successfully raised funds for a state of the art 'sensory projector'. The Ramsden Centre's sibling, the Sesame Centre in Rugby, recently purchased a similar projector with help from money donated by the Rugby Round Table too. 

Not only does it project fascinating patterns of lights, but a second sensor allows people to move under the projector and see the patterns, projections, and sounds, and respond to their movements. Sensory projectors have a wide range of uses, from early schooling to dementia care, and they’ve certainly proved a hit with the people we support at Ramsden.

One man we support loves water, so he enjoys 'splashing' around in the water simulations the projector offers. Other favourites are the football simulator, a game where you can move under the projector to slowly reveal pictures, and a giant glockenspiel you can play by walking on it.

It's really something that's better to see than read about, so we made a video in the hope you agree! Check it out below.

Innovative sensory care at our Ramsden Day Centre

This amazing sensory equipment, and the wonderful experiences it offers the people we support, were only possible thanks to generous donations from local organisations.

If you'd like to make a one-off or regular donation to Brandon, to help us make even more projects like this possible, please visit our online donation pages.