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What happens when medication is reduced?

Jon's STOMP journey

When Jon began his STOMP journey, nobody knew how it would go or if it would work. One year on, he’s making choices for himself, communicating readily, and going out to enjoy new activities.

Public Health England says that every day, about 30,000 to 35,000 adults with a learning disability are taking psychotropic medicines, when they do not have the health conditions the medicines are for. STOMP aims to stop and prevent this happening.

Jon had been taking medication for many years, he’d become subdued and lost his enthusiasm for going out and trying new things. Thanks to the programme, we discovered that Jon loves picnics, enjoys going to the disco, and is a big fan of puzzles.

In this video, we hear from Jon, his sister Liz, and his support worker Julie, as we find out what life is like for Jon since having his medication reduced.

We’ve supported STOMP since May 2018. Read more about our journey in our article, Let’s talk about STOMP.

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