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My life journey so far, by Leon Jordan

Sweet and sour is the right word to use for my experience growing up as a black male living with autism. I had mixed memories, some really good ones and some not too good. I remember one of the Saturdays when I visited Dad, he took me to a snooker hall which I enjoyed greatly as I felt on top of the world. My primary school days was great fun. I had a particular friend, we played together most times and it was just fun. Things were good for me.

Bronze ReSPECT award for Gloucestershire

Following an Outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in August 2019, Brandon's Gloucestershire supported living service has been working hard to further improve the quality of their support and they have just been awarded a Bronze certificate for engaging in the ReSPECT programme - Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment. Brandon locality manager, Francis, took the lead on the project so we spoke to him to find out more.