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Earn while you learn

Jade, 32, joined Brandon in 2017 and is now a team leader. Here, she talks about her experience of learning on the job and why she believes you don't need to have a degree to build a successful career in care. 

“Originally, I did Health and Social Care at GCSE level, then I stayed on at sixth form to do my Level 2 and Level 3," says Jade. "I didn’t know that I could use those qualifications in a job straight away. If I’d have known that I had the qualifications at GCSE level, I wouldn’t have gone to university and got into so much debt. I don’t use my degrees now.”

“A new support worker (with no experience) will get all the training they need to complete the nationally recognised Care Certificate,” explains Julie, Brandon’s Training Delivery and Qualifications Manager. “They can also register for the Adult Care Worker Level 2 apprenticeship during their probation, as much of the mandatory training that you have to do when you join, goes towards the qualification. The apprenticeship takes 12 months to do and successfully completing it will increase your pay.”

“I find it easier to learn on the job and I think a lot of other people do as well," says Jade. "I have dyslexia so I sometimes struggle to retain information. If you give me a textbook I can read it, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to take it in straight away. Learning isn’t how it used to be, people are more hands-on now. I think there’s been a massive shift over the years.”

Valuing personal qualities over experience

"There are people out there like Brandon Trust, that go well actually, as long as you’ve got those qualities, we’ll invest in you and give you the training," says Jade.

“When we recruit, we look for people who will add value to Brandon,” adds Charlotte, Head of Resourcing. “Who you are as a person and what’s important to you.

"If you have skills already, that’s awesome, but if you don’t – we can help you attain them. What’s most important is that your personal values align with our core values, which are to challenge, support, equip, involve, and recognise each other. This means that as our teams grow, we’re all working to achieve the same goals.”

Start learning – and earning

Apply to join us today and start building a fulfilling career with on-the-job qualifications. To view all our current vacancies and find out more about working with us, head to our jobs section